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EVENT  :  Learn how to create Powerful Market Influence to maximise your business

Join our 3 top class speakers for the afternoon at the fabulous Penderyn suite, Liberty Stadium, where we will focus on 3 key areas of creating influence and business growth.

  • Influence your markets with powerful branding

    – Stephen Davies, Brand Builder and MD at Welsh Whisky, Penderyn 

  • Understand market behaviour to influence and create effective customer strategies
    – Andy Rogers, MD Xpedient Media
  • Drive profit and productivity by harnessing the power of your people
    – Richard Horner, Workplace Influence Consultant

The Speakers

The Penderyn Perspective

Stephen Davies

MD at Penderyn Welsh Whisky

  • Compelling stories that generate passion and loyalty
  • Building an iconic brand without a multi-million pound marketing budget
  • How powerful brands are genuine icons

The Workplace Experience Advantage

Richard Horner

Workplace Influence Consultant

  • Embrace the employee experience
  • Power up discretionary effort
  • Transform the customer experience

The Key to Influential Marketing

Andy Rogers

MD Xpedient Media

  • Understanding the 4 behavioural styles
  • Stop selling, start influencing
  • Creating products with influence

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